BL-CX3B Nucleic Acid Sequencing

Glass plate size(W×L):350×350 mm

Gel Size(W×L):330×320 mm

Gel thickness:0.4(mm)

Gel amount:1(pieces)

Sample volume:(0.4mm)50、62、74、100wells

Buffer Volume:~750(ml)


Net weight:13.2(kg)

• Simple operation, only four fastening knobs needed.

• 50% buffer savings compared with traditional tanks.

• Unfolded electrodes make repair and parts replacement easy and quick.

• Special heat dissipation processed aluminum plate firmly clingsto the gel plates, which effectively guarantees the geltemperature is even, ensuring the electrophoresis trip is straighter.• Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects, but also keeps the pH Value stable during the whole experiment process.

• Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.