BL-300HC Universal Power Supply

Type of Output: Constant-Voltage, Current or Power

Increment: 1V, 1mA, 1W

Output Range: 5–300V, 1–1500mA, 1–450W.

Timer Range: 1min~99hr, 59min

Display:  LCD display with backlight

Output jacks: Four sets of output jacks

• Molding shell, touch keys, dual core microprocessor intelligent control;

• Indicate the preset value and the actual output value at the same time;

• It can store 10 electrophoresis methods;

• With automatic memory function;

• With standard, timing operation function;

• With constant voltage, constant current, constant power, misoperation, fault intelligent prompt functions;

• Automatic detection of no-load, over-load, short circuit, rapid resistance change, ground leak and system overheating.