Breaking Research News: Study Shows Young CSF made old mice younger

A recent study published in Nature (May 11, 2022) displayed that infusion of young CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) into the brains of aged mice improves their memory function. Young CSF boosts oligodentrocyte progenitor cell (OPC) proliferation and differentiation in aged brains.

  • Young CSF restores oligodendrogenesis and memory in aged mice via FGF17
  • Injection of CSF into aged mice initiates OPC proliferation and strengthens long term memory by use of FGF17

Serum response factor (SRF) is a mediator of OPC proliferation following young CSF exposure. Fibroblast growth factor 17 (FGF17) infusion can induce OPC proliferation and long-term memory strengthening in old mice, while Fgf17 blockage impairs mental processing in young mice.

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