Biolinkk is now an authorized distributor of RevMAb

RevMAb Biosciences USA, Inc is a biotechnology company focused on the development of recombinant monoclonal antibodies using a revolutionary technology that does not require cell fusion and hybridoma generation. Their mission is to promote personal health by accelerating biomedical research and advancing disease diagnosis.

RevMAb Biosciences USA, Inc is located in heart of South San Francisco, the biotechnology hub of the Bay Area, and home to many of the largest and most successful biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Primary Antibodies

All Primary Antibodies
Mutation/Variant Antibodies
IHC Primary Antibodies
BRAF V600E Antibody
ARV7 Antibody
Histone Mutations
Histone Mutation Antibody Panels
Epitope Tags
DNA/RNA Methylation Antibodies
Histone Modifications
Histone Family Proteins and Variants
Pan Protein Modifications
Control Antibodies
Small Molecules
Anti-Human Igs
Anti-Mouse Igs
Goat Monoclonals

Secondary Antibodies

Anti-Human Igs (Labeled)
Anti-Mouse Immunoglobulin (Labeled)
Goat Monoclonals (Labeled)
Anti-Mouse Igs
Anti-Human Igs


Reagents & Research Pairs

Human Immunoglobulin ELISA Antibody Pairs
Cell Lysate and Antigen Products