EasySeq NGS Reverse Complement PCR


Contamination Concerns?

Conventional Amplicon based methods for NGS target enrichment involve two PCR steps – one to amplify the regions of interest followed by a second PCR reaction to add adapter sequences for NGS. While these methods are well established there is always a high risk of cross contamination or carry-over from first to second rounds of amplification

Legal Notice:
RC-PCR is IP protected.
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Exclusive license granted to NimaGen B.V., Nijmegen, The Netherlands

It is strictly prohibited to use, produce, distribute, import, or sell RC-PCR based methods or kits without the patent owner’s written consent.

How it Works

Easy Handling

Just one Pre-PCR reaction setup, quick, easy and highly suited for automation


Product generation is more target specific

Traditional PCR reactions have high concentrations of primer at the beginning of the reaction when the template availability is low. 

In a RC-PCR the target specific primer is synthesized during the reaction and consequently more aligned with the target availability reducing the chance for dimerization and off target binding.

Multiplex Capabilities

Predesigned and custom panels available targeting up to 100 amplicons in a single closed tube reaction.

Solutions available and in development: 
  1. Human Sample tracking and ID kit for WGS/WES QC
  2. Forensic Identification Kits
  3. Crop Genotyping assays (GreenoType)
  4. GMO detection kit
  5. Meat detection kit (including speciate)
  6. Pharmacogenetics (PGX)
  7. Circulating Tumour DNA kit
  8. Detection of aneuploidies