Methylated-DNA IP Kit

Immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA; PCR; Sequencing


  • Robust enrichment & immunoprecipitation of DNA containing 5mC.
  • Includes a highly specific anti-5-methylcytosine monoclonal antibody for defined, reproducible results.
  • Eluted, ultra-pure DNA is ideal for use in subsequent molecular-based analyses (e.g., assembling genomic libraries and determining genome-wide methylation status).


The Methylated-DNA IP Kit is designed for enrichment of 5mC-containing DNA from any pool of fragmented genomic DNA for use in genome-wide methylation analysis. It features a highly specific Anti-5-Methylcytosine Monoclonal Antibody for the immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA in only a few hours. This kit is capable of achieving over one hundred-fold enrichment of methylated DNA vs. non-methylated DNA. Recovered DNA is suitable for many downstream applications to analyze genome-wide DNA methylation including PCR, bisulfite treatment, whole-genome amplification, ultra-deep sequencing, and microarray. Control DNA and primers are included to monitor the success of the assay.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For Immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA, PCR, sequencing, microarrays, etc.
Elution Volume ≥ 15 µl
Input 50 – 500 ng of DNA
Processing Time 4 hours


Kit Components

Methylated-DNA IP Kit


Cat # Name Size
D5101 Methylated-DNA IP Kit 10 Rxns.