Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to apply a cavitation effect produced in the cleaning liquid by means of ultrasonic waves.It can accelerate dissolution and decomposition of dirty and grease from parts being cleaned and has a perfect cleaning effect on blind hole and interior holes of the container. Being fast in cleaning, efficiency, undamageable on the surface and reducible in labour intensity, it has wide applications in cleaning precision machinery parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, valve, brake, bearings, bearing scrapers, oil nozzle, oil pump, carburetor , fuel injectors and other electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductor silica wafers, plating, optical lenses, audio heads, polyester filter, chemical fiber spinning nozzle, spinning plates, etc., including laboratories, and other various industries cleaning. There are machines with different functions such as temperature-increasing, power-adjustment, dual-frequency, high-frequency (59K, low noise and suitable for precision cleaning), swept-frequency for users to choose from.On the basis of the international standards IEC60886.61102.61161, the company manufactures series of intelligently automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines and airing cleaning machines, including the following types (desktop type, input type, split, single-slot, dual-slot, multi-slot) All major and key parts are imported, thus making the circuit more excellent, work more reliable, efficiency greater, noise much lower and cleaning more effective

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