Human Methylated & Non-Methylated WGA DNA Set

Control for bisulfite conversion; DNAmethylation quantitation


  • Purified, non-methylated and methylated human DNA for use as negative and positive control in methylation detection applications.
  • Standards can be assayed in parallel with samples to monitor bisulfite conversion efficiency.
  • Ideal controls for bisulfite sequencing PCR (BSP) and methylation specific PCR (MSP). Primers included with the full set are designed to amplify non-methylated, methylated, and mixed methylated copies of the Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 1 (RASSF1) gene following bisulfite conversion.


The Human WGA Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set consists of two control DNAs (non-methylated and methylated) along with a set of specifically designed primers that can be used in conjunction with the EZ DNA Methylation, EZ DNA Methylation-Gold, EZ DNA Methylation-Direct, and EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning kits from Zymo Research to assess the efficiency of bisulfite-mediated conversion of DNA. The Human WGA Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set is generated using phi29 DNA polymerase based whole genome amplification techniques from HCT116 DKO cell line derived genomic DNA (Human HCT116 DKO Non-methylated DNA). The Human WGA Methylated DNA is Human WGA Non-methylated DNA that has been enzymatically methylated at all double-stranded CG dinucleotides using M.SssI methyltransferase and can be used as a positive control for DNA methylation analysis.

Technical Specifications

Concentration 250 ng/µl in buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, 1 mM EDTA, pH 8.0)
Sample Source Whole genome amplified DNA from HCT116 DKO cells. Human WGA Methylated DNA is enzymatically methylated by M.SssI methyltransferase.
Sample Storage ≤ -20°C

Product FAQ

Q1: Are the Human methylated DNA standards completely (100%) methylated at the CpG sites?

All standards are enzymatically methylated by CpG Methylase in vitro at all CpG dinucleotides. The methylated DNA is very highly methylated (> 95% of all CpG sites).


Human Methylated & Non-Methylated (WGA) DNA Set

D5013 / D5013-1 / D5013-2

Cat # Name Size
D5013 Human Methylated & Non-Methylated (WGA) DNA Set 5 µg/20 µl
D5013-1 Human WGA Non-Methylated DNA 5 µg/20 µl
D5013-2 Human WGA Methylated DNA 5 µg/20 µl