Human Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set

Control for bisulfite conversion; DNA methylation quantitation


  • Purified, non-methylated and methylated human DNA for use as negative and positive controls in methylation detection applications. Standards can be assayed in parallel with samples to monitor bisulfite conversion efficiency.
  • Ideal controls for bisulfite sequencing PCR (BSP) and methylation specific PCR (MSP).
  • Each standard is provided with a primer set to amplify a fragment of DNA after bisulfite conversion


The Human Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set consists of two DNA controls (a CpG-methylated human DNA standard and a non-methylated human DNA standard), with a set of specifically designed primers that can be used in conjunction with the EZ DNA Methylation family of products. This DNA set can be included as a positive and negative control to assess the efficiency of bisulfite conversion of DNA. The non-methylated human DNA is purified from the HCT116 DKO cell line, which contains genetic knockouts of both DNA methyltransferases DNMT1 (-/-) and DNMT3b (-/-). The methylated DNA standard is purified HCT116 DKO DNA that has been enzymatically methylated at CpG sites.

Technical Specifications

Concentration 250 ng/µl
Format Purified genomic DNA
Storage ≤ -20°C


Human Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set

D5014 / D5014-1 / D5014-2

Cat # Name Size
D5014 Human Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set 5 µg/20 µl
D5014-1 Human HCT116 DKO Non-Methylated DNA 5 µg/20 µl
D5014-2 Human HCT116 DKO Methylated DNA 5 µg/20 µl