ZymoTaq PreMix

Amplification of bisulfite-converted & CpG rich DNA; Amplification of DNA


  • Provided as a convenient 2X PreMix: just add water, primers, and template DNA.
  • Reduces non-specific PCR product formation from difficult templates (e.g., bisulfite-converted DNA).
  • Suitable for TA-cloning.


ZymoTaq PreMix is supplied as a 2X concentrated “master mix” containing all the reagents needed to perform “hot start” PCR. The inclusion of a heat-activated, thermal-stable DNA polymerase reduces primer dimer and non-specific product formation that can occur when performing conventional PCR. This unique product is specifically designed or the amplification of bisulfite-treated DNA for methylation detection. ZymoTaq PreMix yields specific amplicon formation with little or no byproducts. Simple and easy to use, just add water, primers, and template DNA to the ZymoTaq PreMix and then heat at 95°C for 10 minutes to initiate polymerization.

Technical Specifications

Heat Inactivation 95°C for 10 minutes
Storage -20°C
Templates DNA, bisulfite-converted DNA, CpG rich DNA


Kit Components

ZymoTaq PreMix

E2003 / E2004

Cat # Name Size
E2003 ZymoTaq PreMix (50 Rxns.) (2 x 625 µl)
E2004 ZymoTaq PreMix (200 Rxns.) (8 x 625 µl)