Epigenetic Enzymes & Reagents

ZymoTaq Polymerase


ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase contains all the reagents needed to perform “hot-start” PCR. This unique product is specifically designed for the amplification of bisulfite-treated DNA for methylation detection, but is applicable for conventional PCR.

DNA Degradase Plus

E2020, E2021

Complete digestion of DNA into individual nucleosides.

dsDNA Shearase Plus

E2018-200, E2018-50

Simply control fragment size of dsDNA by adjusting the concentration of dsDNA Shearase Plus.

CpG Methylase (M. Sssl)

E2010, E2011

CpG Methylase (M. SssI) ensures complete, in vitro methylation of DNA for methylation analysis.

5-hmC Glucosyltransferase

E2026, E2027

5-hmC detection; 5-hmC enrichment

Atlantis dsDNase


Atlantis dsDNase ensures digestion of dsDNA to yield homogeneous populations of core nucleosomes.

DNA Degradase

E2016, E2017

Complete digestion of DNA into individual nucleotides

Methylated & Hydroxymethylated Nucleotides


Methylated & Hydroxymethylated Nucleotides

dNTP Solutions


Convenient and ready-to-use dNTPs for use in a variety of molecular biology applications including long-range PCR, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, real-time PCR, standard PCR, and high-fidelity PCR.