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Product Catalog# Size Sensitivity Standard Curve Range View Product
Human Adenosine Deaminase ELISA kit E0777Hu 46/96 wells 0.05ng/ml 0.1ng/ml – 40ng/ml
Human Androgen Binding Protein ELISA kit E0995Hu 46/96 wells 1.02nmol/L E0995Hu
Human Androgen ELISA kit E6694Hu 46/96 wells 0.25nmol/L 0.5nmol/L – 100nmol/L
Human Interferon-inducible Protein 10 ELISA kit E0412Hu 46/96 wells 10.23pg/ml 20pg/ml – 6000pg/ml
Human Interleukin 28 ELISA kit E3042Hu 46/96 wells 2.49ng/L 5ng/L – 2000ng/L
Human Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1 Alpha ELISA kit E0422Hu 46/96 wells 0.01ng/ml 0.05ng/ml – 15ng/ml
Human Interferon Inducible T-cell Chemoattractant ELISA kit E0152Hu 46/96 wells 2.48pg/ml 5pg/ml – 1000pg/ml
Human Interleukin 8 ELISA kit E0089Hu 46/96 wells 2.51ng/L 5ng/L – 1000ng/L
Human Interferon Receptor ELISA kit E0306Hu 46/96 wells 2.51pg/ml 5pg/ml – 2000pg/ml
Human Interleukin 3 ELISA kit E0093Hu 46/96 wells 1.02pg/ml 2pg/ml – 600pg/ml

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