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Product Catalog# Size Sensitivity Standard Curve Range View Product
Bovine N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase ELISA Kit E0257Bo 46/96 wells 0.21ng/ml 0.5ng/ml – 150ng/ml
Bovine 25-Dihydroxy Vtamin D3 ELISA Kit E0315Bo 46/96 wells 0.93ng/L 5ng/L – 2000ng/L
Bovine Actin, Gamma-enteric Smooth Muscle ELISA Kit E0368Bo 46/96 wells 0.028ng/ml 0.05ng/ml – 30ng/ml
Bovine Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor 4 ELISA Kit E0207Bo 46/96 wells 5.12ng/L 10ng/L – 1600ng/L
Bovine CC-chemokine Receptor 1 ELISA Kit E0322Bo 46/96 wells 4.95ng/L 10ng/L – 5000ng/L
Bovine Cluster of Differentiation 14 ELISA Kit E2039Bo 46/96 wells 2.38ng/ml 5ng/ml – 1800ng/ml
Bovine Cross Linked N-telopeptide of Type I Collagen ELISA Kit E0301Bo 46/96 wells 0.26nmol/ml 0.5nmol/ml – 180nmol/ml
Bovine Cyclooxygenase-2 ELISA Kit E0232Bo 46/96 wells 0.22ng/ml 0.5ng/ml – 100ng/ml
Bovine Deoxyribonuclease-1 ELISA Kit E0173Bo 46/96 wells 0.14ng/ml 0.3ng/ml – 90ng/ml
Bovine Epinephrine/Adrenaline ELISA Kit E0114Bo 46/96 wells 1.59ng/ml 3ng/ml – 900ng/ml

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