Brief: The Melamine ELISA Test Kit is a competitive ELISA for the quantitative analysis of Melamine in contaminated samples.

Principle: The Melamine ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme-labeled immunoassay. Melamine is extracted from a sample by blending or shaking with extraction solution. The Melamine HRP conjugate, sample extract and calibrators are pipetted into the test wells coated with Melamine antibody to initiate the reaction. During the 30 minute incubation period, Melamine from the sample and Melamine HRP conjugate compete for binding to Melamine antibody. Following this 30 minute incubation, the contents of the well are removed and the wells are washed to remove any unbound Melamine, and Melamine HRP conjugate. After wash with laboratory grade water, a clear substrate is then added to the wells and any bound enzyme conjugate causes the conversion to a blue color. Following 30 minute incubation, the reaction is stopped and the amount of color in each well is read. The color of the unknown samples is compared to the color of the calibrators and the Melamine concentration of the samples is derived.


Sensitivity: 5 ppb
Detection limit: Milk 5 ppb; Tissue (chicken, pork, duck, fish, shrimp and liver) 10 ppb; Feed 500 ppb; Egg 100 ppb
Recovery rate: Milk 90±15%; Tissue 85±10%; Feed 85±10%; Egg 80±10%
Cross-reaction rate: Melamine 100%; Cyanuric acid 60%; Triazine <1%; Diamino atrazine <1%


Catalog NumberDescriptionTest WellsShip Weight (Estimated)
SS37-K1 Melamine ELISA Test Kit 96 2 lb (1 kg)

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