DEX(Dexamethasone) ELISA Kit

DEX(Dexamethasone) ELISA Kit

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Product Details

Test Principle

This kit uses Competitive-ELISA as the method. It can detect Dexamethasone (DEX) in samples, such as muscle, milk, feed, etc. This kit is composed of ELISA Microtiter plate, HRP conjugate, antibody working solution, standard and other supplementary reagents. The microtiter plate in this kit has been pre-coated with coupled antigen. During the reaction, DEX in the samples or standard competes with coupled antigen on the solid phase supporter for sites of anti-DEX antibody. Then Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugate is added to each microtiter plate well, and substrate reagent is added for color development. There is a negative correlation between the OD value of samples and the concentration of DEX. The concentration of DEX in the samples can be calculated by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.

Product Specifications



Sample type

muscle, milk, feed




0.1 ppb (ng/mL)

Reaction mode

25℃, 30 min~30 min~15 min

Detection limit

Muscle---0.2 ppb; Milk---0.5 ppb; Feed---1 ppb

Cross reactivity

DEX ---100%

Sample recovery rate


Incubation Temperature


Incubation Time


Kit Contains

  • ELISA Microtiter plate: 96 wells
  • Standard Liquid : 1 mL each (0 ppb, 0.1 ppb, 0.3 ppb, 0.9 ppb, 2.7 ppb, 8.1 ppb)
  • Derivatization Reagent : -
  • HRP Conjugate : 11 mL
  • Antibody Working Solution : 5.5 mL
  • Substrate Reagent A : 6 mL
  • Substrate Reagent B : 6 mL
  • Stop Solution : 6 mL
  • 20×Concentrated Wash Buffer : 40 mL
  • 2×Reconstitution Buffer : 50 mL
  • Plate Sealer : 3 pieces
  • Sealed Bag : 1 piece
  • Manual : 1 copy


Store the kit at 2~8℃. Do not freeze any test kit components.
Return any unused microwells to their original foil bag and reseal them together with the desiccant provided and further store at 2 - 8℃.

Expiry date

expiration date is on the packing box.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Not for resale without express authorization.

Other materials required but not supplied

Instruments: Microplate reader, Printer, Homogenizer, Nitrogen evaporators, Water bath Oscillators, Centrifuge, Graduated pipette, Balance (sensibility 0.01 g).

Micropipette: Single channel (20-200 μL, 100-1000 μL), Multichannel (30-300 μL).

Reagents: Ethyl acetate, NaOH, N-hexane.


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