Aflatoxin B1 Test – Precise

Aflatoxin B1 Test – Precise

Aflatoxin B1 Test – Precise



Comparison between AFB1-Screen, AFB1-Precise, and AFB1-ELISA
Method Advantage Limitation Suggested Application
AFB1-Screen (Methonal) 1. Simple, fast, result in 5 min
2. Sample extration time is very short
3. Easy to carry in field inspection
4. Inspect mycotoxins sample by sample
5. No complicated equipment. Operater can learn to use in 5 minutes
6. Store at room temperature, long shelf life
1. Qualitative detection only. No special data
2. Narrow range of samples can be detected. Oil seed and products are not fit for application
3. The extraction solvent is poisonous methanol
4. Sensitivity is weaker than AFB1-Precise
1. Feed production and processing companies
2. Cereals processing companies
3. Governmental food safety supervision department for fast screening
4. Farmers inspect the feed or grain by themselves
AFB1-Precise (Ethyl Acetate) 1. Accuracy compared to HPLC, validated by authority inspection center
2. Wide detectable matrices, including all cereals, nuts, oil seeds, edible oil and most contaminated food
3. The extraction solvent is non-toxic and harmless
4. The recovery in sample is high and stable
5. Low matrix color effectiveness
6. Semi-quantitative is possible by adjusting the assay diluent volume gradient
7. Operation is rather simple. Operater can learn to use in half an hour
8. Store at room temperature, long shelf life
1. Qualitative detection only. No special data
2. Sample extraction time is longer than AFB1-Screen
3. More steps than AFB1-Screen
4. One test for only one sample
1. Cereals processing firms
2. Food stuffs processing and trading companies
3. Spicies production factories and trading companies
4. Edible oil producers
5. Governmental Grains inspection centers and stations
6. Food safety supervision (fast surveillance, screening use)
7. Feed processing companies
8. Other relative field
AFB1-ELISA Kit (Direct Competitive) 1. Accurate and quantitative. validated by authority inspection center
2. Batches sample, test one time
3. Simple steps based on direct competitive method
4. Higer sensitivity than Rapid test. Detection range is wider
5. The sample color does not effect the detectio value
1. Complex operation requires professionals
2. Reserve at 4 ℃ for one year only
3. Not fit for in field inspection
4. Narrow applicability for different matrices. For fatty sample, extraction method should be re-designed
1. Food Analysis laboratories
2. Food inspection centers
3. Food safet supervision agencies (governmental)
4. Some companies who has relative facilities and equipment


Aflatoxin Testing kit Specificity
Aflatoxin Test is a rapid test for screening aflatoxin B1 in grains, feed and grains derived products.
Cut-off: 5ppb, 10ppb, 20ppb, 50ppb
Assay time: 5min
Samples: wheats, corns, peanuts, edible oil, coffee...
Application: Fast screening tool in collect grains in field, ensure good quality
Sensitivity: >98% compared with HPLC
Specificity: 100% with Aflatoixn B1, cross react with B2, G1, G2
Validation: Validation by National Grain Bureau of Quality Inspection Center


Catalog NumberDescriptionTest WellsShip Weight (Estimated)
SS01-K1 Aflatoxin B1 Direct ELISA Test Kit 96 2 lb (1 kg)
SS01-LF1 Aflatoxin B1 Lateral Flow Device Test Kit 25 2 lb (1 kg)
SS01-LF2 Aflatoxin B1 Lateral Flow Device Test Kit 50 3 lb (1.5 kg)
SS01-LF3 Aflatoxin B1 Lateral Flow Device Test Kit 100 5 lb (1.5 kg)

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