DTD Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

BL-3200DTD, BL-5200DTD,BL-4200DTD, BL25-12DTD, BL-800DTD

Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to apply a cavitation effect produced in the cleaning liquid by means of ultrasonic waves.It can accelerate dissolution and decomposition of dirty and grease from parts being cleaned and has a perfect cleaning effect on blind hole and interior holes of the container.

◘ Background light LCD screen
◘ Microcomputer memory setting parameters
◘ The ultrasonic working time set up independently : 0-99minutes adjustable

◘ Multi-frequency conversion: 25KHz、28KHz、40KHz、59KHz
◘ Display working countdown time
◘ Display actual temperature of the cleaning tank
◘ Temperature setting range: Ambient Temperature-80°C

◘ Timing range: 0-999 minutes adjustable
◘ Equipped with a special stainless steel basket, reduction sound cover
◘ The shell and cover are made of stainless steel
◘ The equipment controlled by single-chip controller
◘ With Drainage function

Notice :With the heating function of the ultrasonic cleaner, after heating the temperature than the actual display temperature 2-8 °Cfor thermostatic ultrasonic , optional ultrasonic thermostatic ultrasonic cleaner .