ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit

ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit


  • High Purity: Purify endotoxin-free BAC/PAC plasmid DNA (up to ~200 kb) for sequencing, PCR, restriction endonuclease digestion, etc.
  • Colored Buffers: P1, P2, and P3 buffers are colored for easy visualization of complete lysis and neutralization
  • Unique column design: Zero buffer retention and low elution volume (10 µl)


The ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit efficiently isolates BAC plasmid DNA or other large plasmids (e.g., PAC) from E. Coli using a procedure that is simple, rapid, user-friendly, and reliable. It features a modified alkaline lysis protocol with color-coded reagents that allow easy visualization of complete bacterial cell lysis and neutralization. The innovative Zymo-Spin™ IC-XL columns are optimized for high yield, endotoxin-free plasmid DNA recovery. BAC DNA purified using the ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit is ideal for sequencing, PCR, endonuclease digestion, etc.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For Transfection, transformation, sequencing, restriction endonuclease digestion, PCR, in vitro transcription, and other sensitive applications.
Elution Volume ≥ 10 µl
Equipment Microcentrifuge
Processing Time 15 min
Purity Typical Abs 260/280 ≥ 1.8 and Abs 260/230 ≥ 2.0
Size Range Up to ~200 kb
Yield Up to 10 µg per preparation, depending on the plasmid copy number, initial volume of E. Coli culture processed, and culture growth conditions. The typical yield is 1 µg per 3 ml of culture.


Kit Components

ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit


Cat # Name Size
D4048 ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit 25 Preps
D4049 ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit 100 Preps