Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 Kit

Isolate DNA from tough-to-lyse tissues and insects.


  • Simple, high-throughput (96-well) method for efficient isolation of DNA from insects, including mosquitoes, bees, lice, ticks, and D. melanogaster .
  • Compatible with tough-to-lyse tissues from other organisms.


The Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 Kit is an insect DNA extraction kit designed for the simple, high-throughput (96-well) method for the rapid isolation of DNA (e.g., genomic, viral, mitochondrial) from fresh, frozen, or stored insect specimens including mosquitoes, bees, lice, ticks, and D. melanogaster . The procedure is easy and can be completed in minutes: samples are rapidly and efficiently lysed by bead beating with our state of the art, ultra-high density BashingBeads. The DNA is then isolated and purified using our Zymo-Spin technology and is ideal for downstream molecular-based applications including PCR, array, genotyping, etc. The procedure is compatible with mammalian tissues, whole blood, and cultured cells.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For All sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR and Next-Generation sequencing.
Elution Volume ≥ 25 µl
Equipment Centrifuge with microplate carriers, 96-well plate/block disruptor or pulverizer.
Purity A260/A280 nm ≥1.8.
Sample Source Insect or solid tissue
Sample Storage DNA stored at ≤ -20°C.
Size Range Capable of recovering genomic DNA up to and above 40 kb. Typical fragment sizes range from 25 kb – 35 kb. If present, parasitic and viral DNA will also be recovered.
Type Total DNA
Yield 5 µg total DNA

Product FAQ

Q1: My lysate seems viscous. What is causing this to happen? How can I fix this?

Q2: Is it necessary to add beta-mercaptoethanol? Can this step be substituted or omitted?

Q3: When can an RNase A treatment be implemented in the protocol?


Kit Components

Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 Kit


Cat # Name Size
D6017 Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 Kit 2 x 96 Preps