Quick-cfDNA Serum & Plasma Kit



  • High Processing Volume: Purify = 10 ml of serum or plasma and elute with 35 µl.
  • Highest Yields: Consistently purify > 30% more cfDNA.
  • Ultra-Pure: Ready for qPCR, Next-Gen Sequencing, etc.


Quick-cfDNA Serum & Plasma Kit provides a simple and reliable method for the rapid preparation of high-quality circulating cell-free DNA from serum, plasma, amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and saliva. A combination of chemical and enzymatic methods are used to efficiently recover total DNA (including cell-free apoptotic, necrotic, mitochondrial and viral DNA) linearly from up to 10 ml of sample (Reference Figure A). Zymo-Spin technology allows for ultra-pure DNA to be eluted in as little as 35 µl water. The resulting DNA is suitable for all subsequent analyses and molecular manipulations such as qPCR, Next-Generation sequencing and DNA methylation analyses. Zymo’s serum and plasma cell-free DNA extraction technology will empower your discovery of circulating DNA biomarkers.

Technical Specifications

DNA Purity High-quality DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR and Next-Generation sequencing.
DNA Recovery Recover DNA ≥ 100bp (optimized for recovery of cell-free DNA). Yields can vary considerably among different individuals. Typically DNA recovery ranges from 1-100 ng/ml of plasma or serum. The yield varies depending on the sample source and the health of the donor.
DNA Storage Eluted DNA should be stored at ≤ -20ºC
Processing volume Plasma – Single centrifugation: up to 3 ml
Plasma – Double centrifugation: up to 10 ml
Serum – up to 10 ml
Amniotic fluid – up to 1 m
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) – up to 1 ml
Saliva – up to 1 ml
Cell-free saliva – up to 5 ml
Recovery Volume ≥ 35 µl of DNA Elution Buffer or DNase free water.
Required Equipment Water bath or heat block (55ºC), microcentrifuge, vacuum/vacuum manifold or swinging bucket centrifuge.
Sample Sources Serum, plasma, amniotic fluid, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

Product FAQ

Q1: Is the kit compatible to Streck tubes and PAXgene cfDNA tubes?

Q2: How to process samples stabilized in DNA/RNA Shield with the kit?



Flexibil[e] for input volumes [with] quick references.”

– E. L. (Cepheid)

“Easy to use and good yield.”

– X.Q (University of California, San Diego)

“Higher DNA concentration in the final eluate from the Zymo kit when compared to the Qiagen kit. Total yield, measured by reference genes, is higher for the Zymo kit when compared to the Qiagen kit.”

– T.R. (Aarhus University Hospital)

“I liked the familiar layout, and the easy steps. I especially liked the reference tables that gave some sample volumes and calculations.”

– A. U. (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)

“Zymo Research’s Quick-cfDNA Serum & Plasma Kit was superior to Qiagen’s QIAmp Circulating NA Kit, customized both in fetal DNA recovery and in time savings.”

– R. C. (DNA Diagnostics Center)

Kit Components

Quick-cfDNA Serum & Plasma Kit


Cat # Name Size
D4076 Quick-cfDNA Serum & Plasma Kit 50 Preps