Choose from a variety of high-throughput products, kits and free samples for automated DNA isolation and clean-up.

Quick-DNA Viral 96 Kit

D3017, D3018

Efficient isolation of viral DNA from a wide range of biological sources.

Quick-DNA Fecal/Soil Microbe 96 Magbead Kit

D6010-FM, D6011-FM, D6012-FM

Extract high quality, inhibitor-free DNA from feces, soil, water, etc.

Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead

R2130, R2131

Isolate DNA and RNA from any sample

ZR-96 MagStand


Separation of magnetic beads in standard 96-well format plates

ZR-96 Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 Kit

D4066, D4067

Purify high molecular weight DNA from enzymatic reactions and dilute samples.

Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 Kit


Isolate DNA from tough-to-lyse tissues and insects

ZR-96 Oligo Clean & Concentrator

D4062, D4063

Clean any DNA and RNA oligos in high-throughput format and elute in 10 µl

Quick-DNA Plant/Seed 96 Kit


Inhibitor-free DNA isolated directly from plant and seed samples.

ZR-96 Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit

D4021, D4022

Highly efficient DNA purification from agarose gels.

Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBead

R2140, R2141

Viral DNA and RNA from all biological fluids

Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen MagBead

R2145, R2146

Pathogen DNA/RNA isolation from vectors, tissue and biological samples.

ZR-96 DNA Clean-Up Kit

D4017, D4018

Clean-up PCR and other enzymatic reactions at large scale in as little as 20 minutes