Models: BL98-III, BL08-II, BL08-III

It can be used for asepsis and ultra micro crushing, and can break the chromosomes and broken cells through the centrifuge tube.it is for the two generation sequencing DNA samples and chromatin immunoprecipitation assay sample pre-treatment tailored. compared with the traditional probe type ultrasonic probe sonicator, the non-contact sample can be broken under the sealed container,no infection flying fog, the probe is not contacted with the sample, the cross contamination is avoided. It is more efficiency and safety.

A plurality of samples can be detected at once, the experiment efficiency is higher, no need to operate probes frequently, all kinds of products are in separate sealed tubes, so as to avoid cross contamination.
Optional cooling water circulation system, to facilitate the sample is in ultrasonic bath at 4 °C, energy distribution, ultrasonic effect completely. Flexible parameter setting and experimental procedure standardization, good repeatability, and high reliability results.

● No aerosol generation -enhance biological safety (such as Mycobacterium, virus, etc.)
● Eliminates the risk of cross contamination of samples
● Eliminates dregs phenomenon of traditional probe
● A variety of samples can be processed ,with a wide range of sample handling
● It is suitable for all kinds of standard containers
● It can process microscale samples, the minimum to 5μL
● The automatic continuous rotation of the centrifuge tube makes the ultrasonic energy distribution more uniform
● It is optional to buy low temperature water bath according to customer’s demand for a variety of diameter Eppendorf tube rotating base.

● DNA Fragmentation
● RNA Fragmentation
● Bacteria and cell breakdown
● ChIP assay(Chromatin immunoprecipitation)
● High throughput sequencer sample pretreatment
● Take membrane proteins
● Homogeneous emulsification reaction
● Ultrasonic treatment of precious reagents

Optional Parts: