Chloramphenicol Solution

Chloramphenicol Solution


  • Convenient:: Ready-to-use 10 mg/ml Chloramphenicol Solution.
  • Ultra-Pure: Purity = 97%. Ideal for amplifying plasmids, cosmids, and BAC/PACs in E. coli.
  • Sterile: Solution prepared in 95 % ethanol to ensure sterility.


Chloramphenicol inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding the 50S ribosomal subunit. Chloramphenicol is effective against both Gram (+) and (-) bacteria and some mycobacteria. Resistance to chloramphenicol is conferred by the cat gene which encodes an acetyltransferase that acetylates and inactivates the antibiotic. Chloramphenicol is commonly used for the amplification of vectors in Gram (-) bacteria.

Technical Specifications

Concentration 10 mg/ml
Product Storage -20°C
Purity = 97%
Working Concentration 20 µg/ml


Chloramphenicol Solution

Cat # Name Size
A1002-25 Chloramphenicol Solution (5 x 5 ml)
A1002-5 Chloramphenicol Solution (1 x 5 ml)