Hybridization Oven


Hybridization Oven is an ideal equipment in modern laboratory using hybrid technology, can instead of plastic bags and water bath shaking table, and avoid cross bag breakage pollution danger.This machine is controlled by microchip and hot air convection technology, provides the accurate temperature control and constant temperature environment.Furnace air circulation device design is unique, fast heating, uniform.This makes the Northern and Southern hybridization experiment ideal hybrid system.At the bottom of it there is a rocking base, placed at the same time also can be applied to such as hybrid bags, and other strict incubation experiment

● Microcomputer controller provides precise temperature control
● Rapid increase of temperature
● Pipe rotation
● Hybrid tube easy loading and unloading
● Internal use of anti-corrosion, mirror stainless steel materials
● Double glass door design, effectively prevent radiation
● Can shake at the bottom of the base, multi-usage
● Less chance than oscillating water pollution
● Sealing high

● Animals: any exposure to gene gun outside the tissue (skin and organs), cell, organ, etc
● Plants: the field and greenhouse plants explant
● Yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms
● Gene expression studies
● Agricultural biotechnology and crop improvement
● Plant vaccine
● Organelles, chloroplasts and mitochondria