Models: BL-03-II

BL03-II UV Fixer is a kind of multi-purpose 254 nm uv radiation system, nucleic acid is mainly used for cross-linking on the membrane.Can also be used for the DNA agarose gel cutting, RecA mutation screening, pyrimidine dimer of some restriction enzyme digestion, UV sterilization eliminate PCR pollution and so on.In uv sterilization, polymer processing, etc, also has application value

● Microprocessor control, to provide accurate UV dosage, LED display
● Irradiation units can through time or energy (Joules/cm²) is defined
● Draw-out type ultraviolet irradiation system, easy operation
● Ultraviolet security Windows and security door lock design, can protect the safety of use
● Maximum exposure area (88 cm²)Two types of operation mode, the uv energy model, time model
● To turn it off without losing information
● Localization LCD display, can touch the keyboard
● UV block Windows, a large stainless steel UV exposure trap

● Electricity conversion of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms
● Mammalian cell transfection
● Plant tissue and the protoplast of transfection
● Cell hybridization, fusion, gene delivery
● Import the marker gene, tags, instructions
● Import the function of the specific gene were studied
● Import drugs and other molecules such as Protel