Model: BL-500

Portable gene gun is a convenient portable equipment, can be fast direct in situ for cell gene transfer.The system through the helium pressure adjustable, to drive in a small plastic tube wall package has a DNA, RNA, or other biological materials of gold particles, it directly into the cell, make transgenic work become more flexible in terms of operation, simple.

● Portable, can be flexible for genetically modified (gm) in vitro experiment
● Low noise, high repeatability, convenient living animals
● Other methods could not be completed, with special growth need cell transformation
● Shooting area is small and uniform particle distribution, can into different sizes of receptor, guarantee the transformation efficiency
● A simple, rapid and flexible, a variety of cell types
● Help the instantaneous expression and stable expression
● Only a small amount of DNA and cells, no carrier DNA
● To common import, for large fragment DNA plasmid unlimited

● Animals: any exposure to gene gun outside the tissue (skin and organs), cell, organ, etc
● Plants: the field and greenhouse plants explant
● Yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms
● Gene expression studies
● Agricultural biotechnology and crop improvement
● Plant vaccine
● Organelles, chloroplasts and mitochondria