Models: BL-3B

BL-3B Syncretize Electric suitable for cell hybridization and cell fusion and direct observations can be made under inverted microscopes. It has a widespread application in the research on microorganism, animal medicine and bio-engineering. It provides safety, ease of use, and efficiency as compared with the conventional method.

●  Features: both cell electrofusion and electroporation capabilities
● Flexibility: have a wide range of voltage and pulse time
● Fast and efficient, simple and quickly complete post-processing process cell arrangement, fusion, fusion, only a few seconds
● LCD touch display operation
● Data setting easy and quickly

● Cell fusion (the fusion process can be observed under inverted microscope)
● Nuclear transfer
● Embryo operation
● Hybridoma generation
● Plant protoplast fusion
● The chicken embryo genes into inside an egg
● Live gene/drug import