BL-1000 High-Pressure Gas Gene Gun

Model: BL-1000

Gene gun technology(particle bombardment ) is a kind of all-new gene-delivery technology, it will be the size of a micron, gold or a nucleic acid of tungsten particles accelerated to the required speed, thus genes into the cells, tissues or organs.Get instant stability and high efficient expression, transformation.Has the characteristics of rapid, simple, safe and efficient.

● A simple, rapid and flexible, a variety of cell types
● Help the instantaneous expression and stable expression
● Only a small amount of DNA and cells, no carrier DNA
● To common import, for large fragment DNA plasmid unlimited
● In vivo and in vitro transformation and high specificity
● Bombardment ventricular unique round transformation, removable, convenient cleaning and disinfection;
● Material use cost low, every gun in addition to the high pressure gas costs 3 USD less.High repeatability
●Other methods could not be completed, with special growth need cell transformation
● Uniform particle distributionThe biggest control experimental process

● Animals: tissues (skin, organs), cells, organs, etc
● Plants: living plants, leaves, or other plant tissues
● Yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms
● Gene expression research
● Agricultural biotechnology and crop improvement
● Plants vaccines