Benchtop Shaker Incubators

Models TOU-50, TOU-120, LOM-65

LOM-65/TOU-50/TOU-120, Orbital Shaking Incubator, BenchTop

• Min. noise & no vibration, maximum load 20kg
• Automatic stop of shaking, when the door is opened
• Accommodate flasks up to 2000ml• Auto restart after power failure.

• Space saving with transparent window in the front which provide good visibility that minimize the need to open the chamber, automatic cutout of shaker when lid is open to protect operator.
• Platform 300 x 400 mm or 450 x 450mm accept flasks up to 2 Liter, test tubes racks and gel trays.
• Shakers feature a triple eccentric drive that handles heavy workloads, provides uniform agitation, smooth quiet enables continuous 24-hour operation even at high speeds.
• Precisely monitor and control chamber temperature over complete range with ±0.1°C accuracy at 37°C with PID temperature controller
• AC brushless motor S precise speed control from 25 to 250rpm or 40 to 400rpm, controlled by a digital controller
• Speed programmabolity: Continuous or multi-step RPM programmability in which a timed run consisting of a sequence of up to 9 timed steps, each at a set speed a direction of rotation. Each timed run can be repeated up to 999 times..

• Areas of application: cultivation of cell S tissue cultures or micro organisms, molecular biology, cell and insect culture, and entomology studies.
• Production of secondary natural substances and biogenetic pharmaceutics etc.

Capacity of flask holders