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PCR Strip Tube Adapter for A000400, A000380, A000550 A000555 Conversion for 0.5mL microtube strips Magnum EX magne
MIDI Magnet™ – 24 Post Magnet Plate for AB-0859 A000430 Designed for the Abgene AB-0859 storage plate strong post magnets
MagPlate 24 A000270 24-well magnet plate NdFeB ring-based magnets
Magnum-EX Universal Magnet Plate A000380 Fast, Reliable Separation Universal Magnet Plate
Magnum FLX™24 A000440 Unprecedented flexibility for large volume, magnetic bead-based extractions concentric ring magnet
MAGNUM FLX™ Enhanced Universal Magnet Plate A000400 Fast, universal seperation Universal Magnet Plate
Low Elution Magnet Plate A000350 Elute in as Little as 8µL 40000 preps
Catalyst™ 48 Slotted Magnet Plate A000530 Allround economical magnet plate 48 Slotted Magnet
96S Super Magnet Plate A001322 Allround economical magnet plate Super Magnet
96R Ring Magnet Plate A001219 Allround economical magnet plate Ring magnets

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