RNA Preparation and Purification

Molecular Research Center, Inc., founded in 1989 by Piotr Chomczynski, develops and manufactures innovative products for the isolation and analysis of RNA and DNA. It is a corporation ” run by scientists for scientists” and we are continuously working on the development and improvement of molecular biology techniques.

Beginning with the single-step method for RNA isolation we have worked to simplify nucleic acid isolation protocols while providing improved recovery and sample purity. This method has resulted in the most cited scientific publication in the last 25 years.

Our patented RNA and DNA extraction techniques are recognized around the world as having the best performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.


Methylene Blue Stain (MB 119)

Methylene Blue Stain is an aqueous solution of methylene blue designed for quantitative and qualitative assessment of RNA and DNA immobilized on hybridization membranes.
High Salt Precipitation Solution (PS 161)

The High Salt Precipitation Solution is used in the TRI Reagent® procedure to isolate RNA from samples containing large amounts of polysaccharides and/or proteoglycans.
FORMAzol® (FO 121)

FORMAzol® is molecular biology grade formamide that remains stable for one year when stored at 4 C or for two years when stored at -20 C.
Polyacryl Carrier (PC 152)

Polyacryl Carrier is a molecular biology grade solution of acryl polymer designed for use in the isolation of small amounts of RNA or DNA.
Precipitation Carrier (PC 173)

This molecular biology grade Carrier is specially designed for use with RNAzol® RT, which removes all other contaminants and carriers during the RNA isolation procedure
BAN (BN 191)

BAN is molecular biology grade 4-bromoanisole for phase separation in the TRI Reagent® RT and RNAzol RT® procedures.
TRI Reagent® RT (RT 111)

TRI Reagent® RT is used for RNA isolation from tissues, pelleted cells and cells grown in monolayer. Fifty milliliters is sufficient to process 50 samples, each containing 50 mg of tissue. Expected yields range from 50 – 700 μg of RNA per sample, depending upon the tissue source.
TRI Reagent® LS (TS 120)

TRI Reagent® LS is used for cell suspensions and other liquid samples. Fifty milliliters is sufficient to process 65 samples of 0.25 ml each.
TRI Reagent® BD (TB 126)

TRI Reagent® BD is designed for use with whole blood and plasma. Fifty milliliters is sufficient to process 65 samples of 0.25 ml each.

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