Founded in 2010, Invent Biotechnologies is recognized worldwide for having revolutionized protein extraction and cell fractionation. As the inventor of a range of spin column-based disruptive technologies for protein research, we offer a simpler, smarter approach to sample preparation. This translates to streamlined workflows and more consistent results, providing superior data quality. By choosing our Minute™ Kits for protein extraction and cell fractionation, researchers can be confident that their samples accurately represent the endogenous profile of the cells or tissue under investigation. Requiring only a benchtop centrifuge, Minute™ Kits minimize experimental variables and deliver uncompromised material for more reliable data. The success of the Minute™ approach is evidenced by a growing number of publications, including citations in Nature, Science and Cell.

The Minute™ Benefits:
• Super-fast (as quick as 1 minute)
• Small sample size
• Complete profile
• Unaltered endogenous baseline
• All living organism and tissue

The Minute™ Applications:
• Protein trafficking/translocation
• Protein-protein interaction
• Protein modification
• Signal transduction
• Daily protein analysis

Minute™ Rubisco Depletion Kit    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

Plants perceive signals from the environment through leaves. One of the major goals of the scientific community is to dissect the components of signaling cascades by analyzing the leaf proteome. However, the major bottleneck is presence of a high-abundant protein
Minute™ Organic Solvent-Free Milk Lipid Depletion Kit    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

Human/animal whole milk contain large amount of lipids that should be removed prior to milk protein analysis and purification. Traditionally, organic solvent extraction such as the Folch method is the method of choice.
Minute™ Native Protein Precipitation Kit from Saliva (20 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

Human saliva is a readily available source for identifying biomarkers for diagnosis of local and systemic diseases. Proteins in saliva contain biomarkers that can be identified by proteomics for the diagnosis of many diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome, squamous cell carcinoma, diabetes, breast cancer, dental caries, periodontitis, systemic sclerosis and bleeding oral cavity etc.

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