Founded in 2010, Invent Biotechnologies is recognized worldwide for having revolutionized protein extraction and cell fractionation. As the inventor of a range of spin column-based disruptive technologies for protein research, we offer a simpler, smarter approach to sample preparation. This translates to streamlined workflows and more consistent results, providing superior data quality. By choosing our Minute™ Kits for protein extraction and cell fractionation, researchers can be confident that their samples accurately represent the endogenous profile of the cells or tissue under investigation. Requiring only a benchtop centrifuge, Minute™ Kits minimize experimental variables and deliver uncompromised material for more reliable data. The success of the Minute™ approach is evidenced by a growing number of publications, including citations in Nature, Science and Cell.

The Minute™ Benefits:
• Super-fast (as quick as 1 minute)
• Small sample size
• Complete profile
• Unaltered endogenous baseline
• All living organism and tissue

The Minute™ Applications:
• Protein trafficking/translocation
• Protein-protein interaction
• Protein modification
• Signal transduction
• Daily protein analysis

Minute™ Western Blot Stripping Solution (250 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

Minute™ Western Blot Stripping Solution is designed to rapidly strip antibodies bound to antigens on Western blotting membranes using chemiluminescent substrate. One of the major advantages of chemiluminescent detection is high sensitivity and the ability to strip reagents from a blot and reprobe the same blot.
Minute™ WB Blocking Solution (250 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

The WB blocking solution is designed to block non-specific binding of antibodies to WB blot membranes. This proprietary formulated blocker is a non-casein and non-milk based solution that effectively blocks non-specific binding rapidly and effectively resulting in clear background,
Minute™ SDS-Remover (10 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

Sodium dodecyl sulfate is one of the most commonly used detergents for biological research. However, the presence of SDS in the sample could interfere with downstream applications. For instance, SDS must be reduced to below a certain concentration before trypsin digestion of protein can be performed effectively.
Minute™ Ponceau S Stain (250 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

This is a rapid and reversible staining used for locating protein bands on Western blots and comparing protein band intensity. It produces reddish-pink-stained bands on membranes, which is useful because it does not have a deleterious effect on the property of proteins.
Minute™ Peroxidase Suppressor (30 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

This reagent is formulated for dissolving protein pellets using protein kits from Invent Biotechnologies (Cat# Nos. SM-005, SM-005-P, CP-011, NE-013, YM-017, MM-018 and AF-023)
Minute™ High-Efficiency Protein Precipitation Kit (30 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

Protein precipitation is an obvious choice for concentrating proteins and removing interfering substances in protein samples such as salts, lipid and other components that may interfere with downstream applications. One of the most commonly used methods is trichloroacetic acid (TCA)/acetone precipitation. This is a relatively simple and effective method. Proteins precipitated by TAC/acetone method is usually denatured and in many cases the solubility of protein is reduced.
Minute™ Denaturing Protein Solubilization Reagent (10 ml)    (Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)

This reagent is formulated for dissolving protein pellets using protein kits from Invent Biotechnologies (Cat# Nos. SM-005, SM-005-P, CP-011, NE-013, YM-017, MM-018 and AF-023) and other companies. Solubilized proteins are denatured due to the presence of an anionic detergent (SDS).

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