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Protein Enrichment Tools Products:

Maleimide Activated KLH-Peptide Conjugation Kit   (BioVision Inc.)

Maleimide Activated KLH is a commonly used carrier protein for haptens, (small or low molecular weight molecules and peptides used to enable the immune response). Maleimide Activated KLH is the most popular carrier protein used for antibody production
Maleimide Activated BSA-Peptide Conjugation Kit   (BioVision Inc.)

Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is a commonly used carrier protein in antibody production. The haptens, small molecules or peptides, are normally conjugated to BSA for enhancing their immune response.
Immobilized Catalase Beads   (BioVision Inc.)

An ideal solution to limit the hydrogen peroxide interferance from sample analytes in downstream analyses.
EZSolution™ Protein Stabilizer   (BioVision Inc.)

A ready-to-use protein formulation to increase the stability of inactive proenzymes and active enzymes under chemical or thermal stress.
EZDetect™ Polyubiquitin Probe (Biotin conjugated)   (BioVision Inc.)

BioVision’s EZDetect™ Polyubiquitin Probe is ideal for detecting poly-ubiquitinated proteins in biological samples. Ubiquitin is a highly conserved 76-amino acid protein. It can be conjugated via its C-terminus to the amine groups of lysine residues on target proteins. This conjunction is referred to as monoubiquitylation.
EZCatch™ GST-Spin Purification Kit   (BioVision Inc.)

Contains 10 columns and sufficient reagents for easy & efficient purification of a total of ~2.5 mg of recombinant GST-fusion proteins from 10 different samples.
Calmodulin-Sepharose Beads   (BioVision Inc.)

Ideal for the specific enrichment of calmodulin-binding proteins from biological samples.

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