Biolinkk is now an authorized distributor of GenTarget, Inc

In June, 2021 , we have collaborated with a new company GenTarget, Inc based in San Diego, CA 92126, United States. GenTarget provides proprietary bio-reagents and services with an emphasis on Lentivirus and Adenovirus gene delivery technologies, providing Pre-made Lentiviruses and Adenovirus for gene over-expression, knockdown, miRNA expression, Pre-made mammalian stable cell lines, and more.

With an emphasis on product quality and innovation, they develop and manufacture many proprietary technologies such as the SureTiterTM Lentiviral system; LocLightTMLive cell imaging, LoxP GFP/RFP ColorSwtich for CRE reporting system, and EcoTM instant PCR cloning method, as well as wide selection of Signal Transduction Pathway Report Lentivirus product series.

Their leading scientist has more than 23 years of biomedical  and academic research experience, including 18 years of biotech industry experiences, including several major corporations, in vector construction, cloning,  protein expression, RNAi screening,  bio-arrays, and cDNA library construction and high through-put cloning.

Products and Services offered by GenTarget


Welcome to the world of ExS-Pure

Brand introduction

Fast and reliable enzymatic PCR clean-up

How does it work?

ExS-Pure is designed for fast and easy PCR cleanup. The reagent kit consists of two recombinant hydrolytic enzymes: Exonuclease-I and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase. Together they eliminate all unwanted dNTP’s and residual primers from your PCR products, which would interfere with downstream applications.

100% Sample recovery

With ExS-Pure there is no need for time-consuming gel, column or magnetic bead purifications. Both short and long stranded PCR products are left completely intact.


Welcome to the world of iX Pure

Brand introduction

Rapid DyeTerminator cleanup

Minimal hands-on time

The iX-Pure purification kit is a fast purification method for DNA sequencing reactions that removes unincorporated DyeTerminators and salts. The cleanup is complete in under 40 minutes and requires minimal hands-on time.


These reagents can be added as a premix or sequentially. Compatible with BigDye XTerminator run modules.

                • • Eliminate liquid transfer: Use a single plate 
                • • Efficient removal of cycle sequencing reaction contaminants
                • • Straightforward protocol 
                • • Very competitive prices 
                • • Rapid and reliable results 
                • • Compatible with BigDye XTerminator run modules


Welcome to the world of D-Pure

Brand introduction

DyeTerminator Cleanup kit

High quality results

With D-Pure, purified sequencing reactions result in clean chromatograms. Very high Signal-to-Noise ratios, high quality scores and long read lenghts, with 100% removal of any DyeTerminator blobs.

The kit consists of a magnetic beads solution. With this paramagnetic bead format you can easily perfom manual or fully automated, high-throughtput dye-terminator removal without any centrifugation or filtration steps. Each component has been optimized for removing salts and unincorporated Dye-dideoxinucleotides from DNA sequencing reaction mixtures.
                  • • Straightforward protocol
                  • • Cost effective
                  • • Completely automatable with liquid handling systems

Alpaqua magnet plates

NimaGen also offers a wide range of Alpaqua magnet plates, the leading brand for magnetic separation devices.

The plates are used in combination with AmpliClean, or other magnetic bead-based products.


Welcome to the world of AmpliClean

Brand introduction

Magnetic bead based amplicon clean-up


Magnetic bead based clean-up method for purification of Nucleic Acids. With its high flexibility it allows for standard cleanup and size selection

Removes, salts, primers, primer-dimers and dNTPs, leaving ultra-pure DNA of the desired length. Purified products can be used directly for downstream applications such as Sanger sequencing, NGS and microarrays. The protocol is highly flexible for manual operation and can be easily incorporated in any liquid handling system.

                  • • Efficient and complete removal of contaminants
                  • • Size Selection of NGS libraries
                  • • Recovery and purification of Amplicons
                  • • Easy workflow

Alpaqua magnet plates

NimaGen also offers a wide range of Alpaqua magnet plates, the leading brand for magnetic separation devices.

The plates are used in combination with AmpliClean, or other magnetic bead-based products.


Welcome to the world of NimaPOP

Brand introduction

Polymer for capillary electrophoresis

Intended use
These polymers serve as the separation matrix for capillary electrophoresis on ABI Genetic Analyzers. They can be used for sequencing analysis and fragment analysis applications.

NimaPOP-4 polymer provides fast run times and is often used for Human Identification and fragment analysis. NimaPOP-6 polymer is ideal for long runs and reading bases very close to the 5′ end. NimaPOP-7 is most versatile and designed for a wide range of applications.

NimaPOP polymers

Providing an excellent dynamic coating and separating ability with all different applications. NimaPOP polymers can be used without any requirement for changes in run protocol, conditions or spectral calibrations.


Welcome to the world of BrilliantDye®

Brand introduction

BrilliantDye: The premium quality drop-in alternative for BigDye®


The BrilliantDye kits are delivered as a 2.5x concentrated ready-reaction premix, fully optimized for a highly flexible chemistry, designed for all kinds of sequencing applications, including de novo sequencing and resequencing. The kits generate data with uniform peak heights and optimized signal balance to produce long, high-quality reads.

The kits are compatible with ABI genetic analyzers of the 310, 3100, 3130, 3500, 3730 and SeqStudio series as well as the Promega Spectrum system. No need for changing protocols, workflows, settings and calibrations.

BrilliantDye Terminator cycle sequencing kit (two versions available)

The BrilliantDye Terminator v1.1

The BrilliantDye Terminator v1.1 Cycle sequencing kit is designed for specialty applications that require optimal basecalling adjacent to the primer.

The BrilliantDye Terminator v3.1

The BrilliantDye Terminator v3.1. Cycle sequencing kit is the method of choice for longest reads.

The dGTP BrilliantDye kit

For sequencing through G- and GT-rich templates, NimaGen offers the dGTP BrilliantDye kits, optimized for challenging sequence templates, by replacing the dITP with dGTP.