Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit
Improved performance compared to all existing competitors

Single Replacement for all existing Dyes!!

√ Robust and early start

√ Combined with long reads

√No need for changes in protocol, settings or calibration

√ Based on mobilities of existing versions

√ Ultra-competitive pricing


The BrilliantDyeTM Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit is a complete kit, based on the trusted Sanger Chain Termination method.


The kit is delivered as a 2.5x concentrated ready-re¬action premix, fully optimized for a highly flexible chemistry, designed for all kinds of Sequencing applications, including de novo sequencing and resequencing. The kit generates data with uniform peak heights and optimized signal balance to pro¬duce long,
high-quality reads.

Increased performance

By combining the robustness and better mobility of the dye set, with a novel enzyme and optimized dNTP/ddNTP ratios for longer reads, BrilliantDye is the universal Sequencing kit that can be used for all kinds of applications:

  • Sequencing of (short) PCR products with fast, rapid, or ultra-rapid run modules and High Quality Base Calling for the small fragments.
  • Sequencing of (long range) PCR products with maximum read lengths with standard or long run modules.
  • Sequencing of Plasmid DNA with maximum read length.
  • Sensitive Heterozygote detection with optimized peak heights distribution.

Kit content

The BrilliantDye Terminator Cycle Sequenc¬ing Kit contain all required reagent components for the sequencing reaction in a ready reaction, pre-mixed format:

  • Reaction Ready seq. premix
  • 5X sequencing buffer
  • pGem control
  • M13(-21) primer

Dye set

The kit is optimized to run with various Filtersets (Refer to protocol).

Ordering Information

Cat. no.


RR seq. Premix

5 x Seq. Buffer

pGem control

M13(-21) primer



1 x 192 µL

1 x 0.65 mL

1 x 10 µL

1 x 10 µL



1 x 800 µL

1 x 2.0 mL

1 x 10 µL

1 x 10 µL



10 x 800 µL

8 x 2.0 mL

1 x 50 µL

1 x 50 µL



50 x 800 µL

40 x 2.0 mL

5 x 50 µL

5 x 50 µL


Instrument platforms: The purified extension products can be analyzed by capillary electrophoresis on any of the following platforms:

-Applied Biosystems 310 DNA sequencer

-Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3100 (Avant) Genetic Analyzer

-Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3130   (XL) Genetic Analyzer

-Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3500 (xL) Genetic Analyzer

-Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3730 (XL) DNA Analyzer


 *Applied Biosystems is a product of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.